Bayt al-Hikmah (BHC) provide its clients with the optimal single-source and multi-disciplinary solution for all legal and business matters concerning Iraq.

We will do this by assisting in the achievement of Iraq country strategies and objectives while saving valuable time and resources on behalf of our clients.

BHC’s Iraqi lawyers, international consultants, and seasoned Arabic-speaking administrative support personnel (inclusive of translators) have extensive Iraq in-country experience.


Almost 60% of Iraq’s population are under the age of 25.  The young people of Iraq continue to demand better government performance, employment opportunities, better services, social justice, an end to corruption, and the building of economic and social bridges with the world.  With a vibrant, talented and ambitious youth in a country considered one of the richest in the world of untapped natural resources, Iraq remains as one of the most lucrative opportunities for trade and investment.

At BHC Law Firm, we have deep and sophisticated understanding of the challenges for doing business in Iraq, but we are also fully aware of the unlimited potential.  We believe that we have all the knowledge, skills and expertise to help our clients see this great potential and assist them in overcoming the challenges.

Iraq’s trade and investment opportunities spans every economic sector across all provinces.  Iraq’s strategic location bordering six countries can accommodate major growth and serve as an export and distribution hub.

We firmly believe that having the right support in Iraq will help you focus your energy, time, and resources on identifying the right opportunity, creating your success story and accomplishing your trade and investment goals.


Here at BHC we equally believe in our own capability in helping you to become an integral part of Iraq’s future success story. We humbly invite you to consider BHC as your single-source legal advisor and technical assistance consultant in, with, and for Iraq. Together, we can achieve success.