About Us

Bayt al-Hikmah for Legal Services and Consultancy, LLC (AKA BHC Law Firm) provide its clients with the optimal single-source and multi-disciplinary solution for all legal and business matters concerning Iraq.

We do this by assisting in the achievement of Iraq country strategies and objectives while saving valuable time and resources on behalf of our clients.

Bayt al-Hikmah (“House of Wisdom” in Arabic) Legal Services and Consultancy (BHC Law Firm) was established in Baghdad, Iraq in 2010.  The firm successfully recruited seasoned Arabic-speaking international legal advisors, accountants, administrative support personnel and certified interpreters and translators.  All our local staff as well as our international experts have extensive experience in Iraq with branch offices in Basra and Kurdistan Region.  BHC Law Firm is duly registered and in good standing with the Iraqi Bar Association.  Our Law Practice specializes in the following areas: Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property; Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP); Banking, Securities and Insurance; Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); Taxation; and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

BHC is also registered with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade and maintains a Technical Assistance Consultancy that provides ongoing assistance with regulatory and operational compliance for the in-country business activities and project operations of foreign companies doing business in Iraq.

Our Consultancy Services offers start-up services, regulatory compliance, financial management, business development, performance appraisals, and technical support services on a variety of Iraq regulatory related matters. Together, BHC’s Law Firm and Technical Assistance Consultancy deliver a comparative advantage in handling both legal advisory and regulatory compliance tasks for each client.

BHC Law Firm represents multinational corporations, international and Iraqi private sector companies, public sector companies, organizations, agencies, investors, and individuals located in or doing business in Iraq.  Our clients are engaged in wide range of projects in Iraq including the oil and gas industry, infrastructure, housing and construction, as well as many other sectors.