Our Team

BHC’s team of Iraqi lawyers, international legal advisors, and administrative personnel are proficient in Arabic and English. BHC’s Iraqi lawyers and international legal advisors have extensive experience working with the GoI (at both the national and sub-national levels), international financial institutions, international law firms, and non-governmental organizations.

Several BHC staff members are certified by the Iraqi Translators Association to provide certified legal translation. Our lawyers possess both Iraqi and international legal expertise, as well as prior service experience in Iraq’s executive, legislative, and judicial branches. We have a full understanding of Iraq’s legal and regulatory system, and how it is actually applied in practice; and we are professionally familiar with the Iraqi State administration.

Ahmed Dawood
Ahmed DawoodFounder & Managing Partner
The Founder & Managing Partner of BHC, leading the firm’s Corporate, Commercial & Intellectual Property practice.
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Maab Tawfiq
Maab TawfiqAttorney at Law
Ms. Maab Tawfiq is an attorney at law at BHC with extensive experience in engineering and power generation projects.
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Rasha Nadeem
Rasha NadeemBHC’s General Counsel
Ms. Rasha Nadeem is the BHC’s General Counsel, leads the firm’s Banking, Securities and Insurance practice.
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Rand Zuhair Jassim
Rand Zuhair JassimAttorney at Law
Ms. Rand Zuhair Jassim is an attorney at Law at the Law Firm of Ahmed Dawood and Associates since 2018.
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