A message from the Founder

Iraq is and will always remain open for business!  We want to be the first to welcome you as you explore the boundless opportunities Iraq has to offer.  Your level of success and the time and resources you invest will be highly dependent on finding the right legal and consultancy service provider with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges and complexities you may face when considering your next project.

Our vision is to provide our clients with international standards optimal one-stop-shop and multi-disciplinary solutions for all legal counsel and technical assistance consultancy needs in Iraq.  We will enable you to navigate the complex Iraqi business environment and assist you in achieving your Iraq country strategy and objectives.  We will save your valuable time, effort and resources, and ensure your success and peace of mind.

Our one-stop-shop concept has been carefully designed to simplify your Iraq market entry, provide you with sound advice and counsel before and after you make critical decisions, update you on changes in laws and regulations that have a direct impact on your business, shield you from complicated and time-consuming procedures, and address the finest of details required for you to set up shop and successfully launch your business operation in Iraq.

We have assembled a team of highly qualified attorneys with extensive experience in government contracts, company registration, tax laws, regulatory compliance, foreign investment, labor laws, and many other disciplines.  Our staff are fluent in English and native speakers of Arabic who are top experts in the Iraqi judicial system and the local culture of doing business.  Along with our solution-oriented support staff, our entire team have been fully trained to operate according to international standards when providing legal and consultancy services.

Our aim is to build a sustainable partnership with our clients and become your most trusted legal and consultancy service provider in Iraq.  We hope to become an extension of your success, where we always meet and exceed your expectations.

Our firm is duly registered and licensed in Iraq.  Our team of attorneys are licensed by the Iraq Bar Association and authorized to represent clients in all Iraqi courts at all respective levels and all subject matters.

We firmly believe in Iraq’s unparalleled potential and promising future.  Over the next twenty years, Iraq will witness one of the greatest infrastructure reconstruction and socio-economic development than any other nation.  We equally believe in our ability to assist you to become an integral part of that future.

I invite you to contact us today for a free consultation and additional details on the services available to you and how we can be of assistance.


Ahmad Salman Dawood, Esq
Founder & Managing Partner
Bayt al-Hikmah for Legal Service & Consultancy, LLC
Ahmed Salman Dawood is a licensed attorney
at law by the Iraq Bar Association (Full Authority)