Technical Assistance Consultancy

Our duly registered mandate and consequent comparative advantage enable us to both counsel our clients on Iraqi legal matters and also help them to ensure the ongoing regulatory and operational compliance of their in-country structures and activities. All of this and more is completed through an efficient and confidential single-source solution.

We understand the uniquely challenging nature of Iraq’s business regulatory environment and the critical importance of maintaining compliance among our clients’ companies, branch offices, contracts, projects, local employees, and related activities, in addition to conformity with applicable Iraqi laws, regulations, and policies. Fortunately for our clients, BHC is professionally familiar with how the relevant Iraqi laws are applied in practice by the various branches, agencies, and administrative entities of Iraq.

Therefore, and consistent with our single-source solution approach, BHC has a dedicated Technical Assistance Consultancy that advises and supports our clients on the commercial, regulatory, and general day-to-day business operation and financial management matters arising from their corporate structure and commercial activities in Iraq. We also advise international, regional, and bilateral developmental and financial organizations on their country strategies, technical assistance programs, sectoral assessments, and projects in Iraq.

Our Technical Assistance Consultancy is organized around the following six areas of services, and it operates in synergy with our law practice:

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